The Horn African Restaurant & Cafe

African Cafe & Restaurant

Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine


Welcome to The Horn African Cafe & Restaurant.

The Horn is a local, family-run, Ethiopian food and music icon that has been serving and entertaining people from near and far for over 13 years.

Husband and wife team, Peter and Enushu proudly serve authentic, modern Ethiopian cuisine with fresh local produce and home-made, 100% teff injera. Offering a great selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Enjoy a meal with family and friends in a comfortable and relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. You can even relax in the courtyard and enjoy organic single blend Sidamo Ethiopian Coffee as well as our large range of African beers on offer.

And you can also enjoy world-class live music, with Jazz on Thursdays and Ethio-jazz, funk, hip hop on Sundays.


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Authentic, Modern Ethiopian CuIsine

Enushu’s home-cooking delivers delicious, Ethiopian fare, made with love, served with creativity and that welcome home comfort that comes with the warm, magical flavours of Ethiopian hospitality.

Home-made TEFf Injera

Our Injera is home-made, with 100% Teff.
Fresh goodness for you to enjoy with your delicious Ethiopian meal.

local & imported
craft beers - FULL BAR

We offer a large selection of tasty, thirst quenching African beers as well as a great range of local and imported craft beers in our full bar. A perfect compliment to Ethiopian food, and great to enjoy together with friends.

Organic, Single Blend Ethiopian Coffee

We serve organic, single blend Sidamo Ethiopian Coffee and perform the traditional Ethiopian Coffee ceremony upon request.

Relax, eat, drink and enjoy

Welcome, relax, feel at home. We’ve got different spaces you can choose to hang out in and enjoy, whether you’re eating, drinking, chilling or entertaining friends.

Live Music Thursdays + Sundays

The best way to experience the delicious Ethiopian food, drinks and chilled vibes on offer at The Horn is with great friends and live music. On Thursdays you can enjoy performances from our resident jazz group Blow featuring Bob Sedergreen and weekly special guests. On Sundays, come and enjoy our Ethiopian jazz, funk, hip hop ensemble, “Black Jesus Experience”.

Live Performances start at 6.30 pm and finish at 10.00 pm.


Berbere is the main spice base in each traditional Ethiopian dish served in our restaurant. 

After so many requests, over the years, from friends and customers, we decided to make our family’s secret recipe, home-made Berbere available to the public.

Now’s your chance, buy a Jar and try it in your own home cooking! Also makes a great pressie for foodie friends and family.