Thursdays: Blow

Blow - 2011

BLOW’S artistic vision is limitless and ever evolving, with a creative direction inspired by the moment, the venue, the audience, the mood and the empathy shared by the members of the ensemble. Exceptional improvisers who create a group sound which is uniquely BLOW.

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ted vining
TED VINING drums, co-leader, composer Ted Vining has been a cornerstone of Australian Jazz, a drum colossus and cultural force for over half a century.​
bob sedegreen
BOB SEDERGREEN piano, keyboards, composer. Bob Sedergreen is widely regarded as a national treasure. As well as his own Blues On The Boil and Art Attack Bob was a core member of iconic Brian Brown Quartet and has been fundamental to the identity and popularity of the Ted Vining Trio for over four decades.'
peter harper
PETER HARPER Alto saxophone, co-leader, composer Peter Harper has been a torch-bearer for the avant-garde on four continents, as an instrumentalist and as an inspirational composer, since the early 1980’s.
ian dixon
IAN DIXON trumpet, flugelhorn, composer Extensive travel and study of birdsong informs Ian Dixon’s unique approach to improvisation and composition. Best known for his work as a trumpet player and composer on the global electronica scene, cross-discipline collaborations have led to work in film and television, with visual artists, choreographers and in digital media.

Sundays: Black Jesus Experience

Black Jesus Experience

BLACK JESUS EXPERIENCE is an 8 piece band playing an irresistibly danceable blend of traditional Ethiopian song and 21st Century groove. With backgrounds as diverse as the 5 continents the members of 'BJX' hail from, their music reflects the multicultural vibrancy of the band's hometown, Melbourne, Australia.

When not touring BJX run a weekly session at cultural hub The Horn where BJX create new songs live on stage. The comfort BJX has with this practice lies in the improvising traditions of that feed BJX including Hip Hop, Jazz, Azmari and Rutu Pa'u.

The music is also fed quite literally before each performance by the ritual of a group meal prepared by singer Enushu and MD Peter Harper in the Ethiopian tradition, "those who eat from the same plate will not betray each other". This inspires and reinforces bonds musical, social and spiritual, bonds BJX invite their audiences to join.

Enushu began entertaining her local community as a child in Addis Ababa. Forced to leave Ethiopia, Enushu migrated to Australia bringing hauntingly beautiful compositions inspired by her remarkable life story and the unique vocal traditions of Ethiopia. Enushu is joined on vocals by poetic giant and lyrical miracle The Monk, Zimbabwe born and Outback bred.

Highlights for BJX include two tours of "the Motherland" Ethiopia, performing with Ethiojazz legend Mulatu Astatke in Europe and Australia (an association which won BJX and Mulatu "The Age Best Tour" award) Glastonbury and other great festivals.

The rhymes and chimes of Black Jesus Experience deliver the power and beauty of Africa through the vocal prism of Hip-Hop and freedom of Funk.


BJX @ Womad 2009

BJX with Mulatu Astatke Melbourne 2013

BJX with Mulate Astatke - 'Guraginya' 2011

BJX 2@ metropolis 2011

Club date Addis Ababa 2011